Community consultation

At the end of 2015, The Anchor Project took stock of over a decade’s worth of community action and service. Questions were raised about:

  • What the future might hold for the project
  • What sort of services should be provided and how these should be delivered
  • How to tackle the ongoing issue of fundraising and income generation – which had become increasingly difficult and time consuming

With these issues in mind, the project contacted local development charity, The Olive Branch Trust, to assist in organisational development and fundraising and to deliver a community consultation. The desire was to turn to the community to find out how they regarded The Anchor project, what they valued, what community needs they perceived as most acute, and how The Anchor Project might respond.

This consultation was commissioned in early 2015 and funded by Awards for All England.

You can download and read the full consultation report using the link below.

The Anchor Project – Community consultation report